From five-minute video segments, to hour-long interviews, to stories to read with your kids, check out the different resources Dan has to support your efforts in the classroom.

During the pandemic Dan featured a segment on Instagram where he answered two question posed by viewers in five minutes. The questions cover a wide range of topics. Take five minutes (or more) to dive into them.

Giving Effective Directions / Using Music in the Classroom

Student Stress / Teacher Stress

Assessing Relationships / Strengthening Relationships

Students Who Are Dependent / Encouraging Independence

Little Support From Administration / Shaping Challenging Behaviors

Reasons for More Severe Behaviors / Strategies for Severe Behaviors

Election and Politics Discussions / Character Lessons With Election Connections

PBIS Acknowledging Positive Behaviors / PBIS Behavioral Expectations

Long Instructional Blocks / Virtual Teaching in Early Childhood

Explaining the Pandemic to Young Children / Mask Wearing Early Childhood

Engaging Kids Virtually / Social Distancing in Early Childhood

Daily Feedback to Parents / Students Singling Each Other Out

Oppositional Teens / Parent Communication with Teens

Students Who Isolate Themselves / Thoughts on Behavior Contracts

Punishments, Rewards, and Consequences / Favorite PD Books

Parents of Students with Behavior Concerns / Over-Involved Parents

Dan has been a featured speaker at the annual Soar to Success Summits, hosted by Vanessa Levin, since they began in 2018. Each one of these segments feature hour-long interviews and focus on best practices in early childhood.

Cultivating Character in Kids

Follow the Leader: Behavior Lessons Learned through Play

Literature, Language and Life Skills, Oh My!

Teach Skills and Break Habits

This is my youngest son, Max. He reads interactive stories and teaches a short lesson on a different social skills students need in the early grades. Consider showing one per month to your students and reinforcing the various skills through daily practice afterwards.

Mean Soup
Expressing Feelings

Can I Play Too?
Being a Good Friend

Exercising Our Brains and Bodies

Showing Respect

What Pets Teach Us
Making Good Choices

Miss Tizzy
Showing Compassion

Pig Pig Grows Up
Being Independent

The Very Ugly Bug
Accepting Differences

Clifford’s Good Deeds
Being a Good Citizen

Joshua Disobeys
Following Directions