Positive Behavior Principles: Shifting Perspectives and Aligning Practices in Schools

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Designed for PK-12 grade educators, this resource features nine principles for positively shaping student behaviors in the school setting. This book also has Graphic Summary Sheets that can be purchased to complement the body of work.

Although behaviors in the school system have changed a great deal in the past few decades, our strategies for supporting those behaviors have not.  When we move beyond punitive practices for dealing with misbehavior, we find strategies that work.

Positive Behavior Principles outlines nine core principles that can be used to design prevention, intervention and crisis strategies for supposing student behaviors in schools.  The information in this book complements both PBIS, as well as behavioral RTI efforts currently used in many schools

This book is for:

  • Teachers searching to find the best ways to deal with behavior concerns in the classroom
  • Administrators wanting to help align their staffs’ discipline philosophy with behavioral practices
  • Counselors trying to provide social, emotional and behavioral support to struggling students
  • All Educators wanting practical and positive ways to improve the long-term behavior of students


"The Positive Behavior Principles make so much sense.  Dan speaks in such a way that leaves you excited, nodding your head “yes” constantly, and wondering why you didn’t figure all of this out yourself.  I highly recommend Dan’s work for its relatability, ease of reading, and great sense of humor in the midst of making connections and discoveries."

Malia Huffman, Counselor
Cloverdale, Virginia

"Dan’s Language around behavior has become engrained in our school culture, making it easy for me, as well as teachers and support staff, to communicate with children using the same language and expectations for our students.  The Positive Behavior Principles have helped our staff change deep-seated beliefs and practices that no longer serve them or their students well."

Brandee Sabala, Principal
Gooding, Idaho