Lessons from LaRoux: How Needs Shape Behavior in Developing Brains

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This book is for elementary school educators interested in moving away from traditional strategies of rewarding and punishing, towards a model of shaping behaviors through the targeted teaching and practicing of specific skills.

It’s no secret that outward behaviors in our students rarely tell the whole story. Instead, those verbal and physical actions often serve as clues pointing to deeper needs, emotions, and desires. Once the underlying issues are addressed, the path away from negative words and actions becomes much smoother and clearer.

Filled with lighthearted stories about adventures with his dog, LaRoux, St. Romain outlines fifteen needs of young developing brains and how adults can work to get the needs met in proactive ways so children don’t inadvertently do so through misbehavior.

Lessons from LaRoux has practical information and suggestions for teachers, childcare providers, and parents, such as:

  • The importance of approaching behaviors with understanding, not judgment
  • How bringing every challenge back to development nurtures healthy learning
  • The wisdom of assuming positive intent in the children in our care
  • Why responding instead of reacting empowers students to make wise choices
  • Keys to becoming a great behavioral detective-with a kind heart
  • …and more!Especially in these crucial post-pandemic years, children who are still catching up developmentally need a strong network of support to help them acquire the behavior skills needed for healthy learning and growth – and this resource shows the way.