Juan Pablo Emotions Face Masks


Juan Pablo Emotions Face Masks
$27.00 – Set of Six Masks with an Instructional Tips Sheet

Juan Pablo is taking care of himself and others by wearing a face mask – and he has six different ones from which to choose.  Each mask highlights one emotion that impacts his behavior – Happy, Sad, Tired, Silly (or Excited), Hungry (or Scared/Nervous), Mad .

In addition to being worn during the pandemic, these masks can be used as instructional tools to teach emotional literacy, helping students to make the connection between their feelings and behaviors.

Each order contains a set of six adult face masks and a one-page instructional tips sheet detailing different ideas for use.

These masks complement the book, How Are You Feelin’, Juan Pablo Chameleon.  Click HERE to learn more about that resource.

Each 2-layer mask is 50% cotton/50% polyester, non-medical grade, washable, reusable, and has an adjustable nose wire and ear straps.

Note: For orders placed outside the United States, please send an email to laeverett1954@gmail.com for information regarding shipping costs.