Combo Pack 2: More Songs and More Lessons for Better Behavior in the Classroom


Included in this bundle:

* 10 More Simple Songs for Better Behavior in the Classroom – Songbook and CD [with bonus song]

* 10 More Simple Lessons for Better Behavior in the Classroom – Lessons [with bonus visual cue cards]

These songs and lessons build on the original ones and were designed based on specific requests from teachers regarding behavioral deficits of concern.

These products are not part of a set program, they are simply resources to be used to target and teach specific social skills. They will complement any behavior management system designed with the idea of using discipline as a teachable moment. The products complement each other and use consistent language. So, together, educators have a multitude of ways to teach and reinforce the concepts, thus increasing the overall impact of the products.

Bonus: Visual Cue Cards
This combo pack includes a set of small visual cue cards that accompany the lessons. They can be cut out, laminated, and put on a ring for ease of reference.

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