Online Course

Online Course

Cultivating Character in Kids

Looking for some great ways to strengthen young students’ behaviors in the school setting? Spend a year with educational consultant Dan St. Romain virtually as he walks you through effective, developmentally appropriate, and fun ways to teach critical skills in the areas of social, emotional, and ethical development using children’s literature, consistent language phrases, gestures and engaging activities.

The course is designed for PK-2nd grade educators and childcare providers and features 22 total videoed lessons on critical behavioral skills kids need.  Each lesson is about 20 minutes long and is broken up into three short sections for ease of viewing.  Since the course is self-paced, participants can work through the lessons at their leisure.  Additionally, there is no set order to the lessons, so participants can choose what lessons to watch based on the needs of their students throughout the year.

As part of the course, Dan offers monthly Zoom sessions August through May for course participants.  During the Zoom sessions, Dan highlights information from the course, provides some book suggestions, and takes time to answer individual questions from Zoom attendees. 

Once participants have viewed all the videos in the course, they receive a Certificate of Completion for 8 hours of credit – plus any hours accrued through Zoom sessions up to that point.

Participants have one full year of access to the online lessons and monthly Zoom sessions, and at the end of the year, they have the option of taking a course extension for 12 more months of access.

The Course Features:

  • 22 behavioral lessons
  • Dan’s list of 100 recommended children’s books
  • List of over 60 foundational behavioral phrases/examples of gestures
  • Multiple recommended activities for strengthening behavioral skills
  • Perspective considerations for each of the skills
  • Potential traps to avoid when teaching skills
  • Recommendations for a yearly schedule

Skills Covered:

Following Directions, Paying Attention, Being a Good Listener, Getting the Teacher’s Attention, Handling Disappointment, Expressing Feelings, Respecting Personal Space, Using Kind Words, Being a Good Citizen, Showing Compassion, Being Considerate, Using Good Manners, Accepting Challenges, Accepting Differences, Learning From Mistakes, Putting Forth Good Effort, Breaking Bad Habits, Showing Self-Control, Exercising My Brain and Body, Telling the Truth, Making Good Independent Choices, Showing Integrity

Course Bonus:

Course participants receive a 10% discount on all songs, lessons and accompanying Juan Pablo Chameleon resources.

Yearly Course Cost: $250.00

One of the first suggestions for this course is to team with a partner teacher to implement the content throughout the year. There is strength in numbers!  So, talk with your administrator and register a team together to secure a group discount.  While it is certainly not necessary, it is highly recommended.

Group Discounts:
10-24 Participants       $240.00 per participant
25+ Participants          $225.00 per participant

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