Momma’s Protective Instincts

May 12, 2019

Since we celebrate the moms of the world today, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on motherly instincts and how they manifest through behavior.  My guess is you can relate to some of these mom behaviors we see in schools:

  • Moms who return home to fetch a project, costume or lunch the child forgot
  • Moms who tie shoes, zip jackets, unpack backpacks, or carry their children to class
  • Moms who make excuses for poor behavior or get defensive when confronted with it
  • Moms who have difficulty setting boundaries
  • Moms who email, call or show up to inquire about their child getting picked on or bullied
  • Moms who don’t answer phones or make eye contact out of embarrassment by their child’s behavior

In each of these situations we can see the result of a mother’s love for her child. We might not like it when these things happen, but I believe each one is a sign of a mother’s desire to protect and defend.  So, perhaps I need to re-examine some of my initial thoughts when moms exhibit these behaviors:

  • That mother does everything for her child. She needs to cut the umbilical cord.
  • That mother just makes excuses for her child. She refuses to face the facts.
  • That mother is always asking me about what I’ve done. What about her child?
  • That mother doesn’t even bother to check his behavior folder.She doesn’t care.
  • That mother’s a teacher. She should know better.

In a nutshell, let’s assume positive intent and show more empathy towards moms rather than judgment.  I worked in a residential facility where some kiddos had no parent figures at all, so I am now thankful for the ones my students do have.  Though I might not always understand why some moms behave the way they do, I choose to believe they do so out of love, which is a beautiful thing.  Happy Mom’s Day, moms.

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