Course Extension

Course Extension

Cultivating Character in Kids:

A Year of Behavioral Skills for Young Learners

Course Extension

Have you completed the Cultivating Character in Kids course or just want more time to do so?  If so, you clicked on the perfect link.  This course extension is designed for you.  When you work through the content of the course the first time, you get good ideas for teaching isolated lessons and concepts.  However, when you continue on this path and do so additional times, not only do you gain a much deeper understanding of information, but you better see how all the content fits together.

Registered participants implement the original course content utilizing a consistent schedule over the course of a school year. By doing so, Dan is better able to provide support and recommendations.

In addition to the resources provided through the original course, CE participants receive the following additional resources and benefits:

  • 12 Months Extended Access to the Original Recorded Course Sessions
  • 12 Months Extended Access to the Monthly Zoom Sessions
  • Dan’s List of 100 More Favorite Books for Strengthening Character
  • 40+ Book Summary Parent Notes
  • Skill Summaries for Course Lessons
  • Suggestions for an End-Of-Year Parent Performance
  • Option to Work with a Course Extension Buddy
  • 10% Discount on Course Complementary Resources
  • Ability to Receive Up to Ten Hours of Professional Development Credit 


Zoom session attendance is much higher for course extension participants than those going through the content the first year.  This is probably due to more time allotted to Zoom than working through the videoed lessons.  Whatever the case – the feedback from CE participants attending the monthly Zoom chats is overwhelmingly positive.  So, sign up for the Extension and join Dan for another fun year of learning.

Cost: $125.00 Per Participant

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