Are you looking for some good resources to strengthen positive behavior in your setting? You have come to the right place. Dan has three published books – each focused on different developmental levels, and a variety of materials for teaching behavior skills to young children featuring his chameleon, Juan Pablo.

I highly recommend Dan’s work

“The Positive Behavior Principles make so much sense. Dan speaks in such a way that leaves you excited, shaking your head “yes” constantly, and wondering why you didn’t figure all this out yourself. I highly recommend Dan’s work for its relatability, ease of reading, and great sense of humor in the midst of making great connections and discoveries.”
Malia H.
Cloverdale, Virginia

Dan’s social skill resources are designed for the PK-2nd grade developmental levels, and they feature his chameleon, Juan Pablo. There are six main products that can be purchased in various Combo Packs or individually. Not sure where to get started?  Check out Dan’s Product Video to learn about the items, as well as his suggestions for use.

¡Nos encanta Juan Pablo Camaleón!!!

“ Él es uno de esos personajes con el que los chiquitines se identifican y recuerdan siempre. Sus libros son muy divertidos y además dejan un mensaje claro y conciso que ayuda a desarrollar nuestras habilidades socioemocionales.”
María Mercedes C.
San Antonio, Texas

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