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Book Dan

Dan regularly presents at conferences and schools to support professional development efforts. He is available for both in-person and virtual efforts. Given the main focus of Dan’s support (behavior), coupled with the fact that his body of work spans all developmental levels, he stays very busy.

If you are interested in booking Dan for your next event, fill out the Staff Development Request Form and he will be in contact with you, accordingly.

Please note that the following times get booked very quickly:

  • Late July-Mid August (back-to-school)
  • The first week in January (start of second semester)
  • Isolated Holidays like Columbus/President’s Day (Popular PD dates)
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Is This Date Flexible?
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Dan has a variety of sessions from which to choose. Sessions can generally be shortened, but time frames for each are worth noting. Asterisks (*) indicate his most requested sessions.

Mixed Messages

The Changing Face of Discipline *

Accentuate the Positive

Assets Kids Need for Healthy Development

The Ripple Effect

Positive Behavior Principles *

Shifting Perspectives and Aligning Practices in Schools

Teach Skills and Break Habits

Growth Mindsets for Better Behavior in the Classroom

Ages, Stages and Behaviors *

Step Away…

Challenging Behaviors and Stress Management

If They Snooze, We All Lose…

Presentations that Work

Don’t Go There:

Avoiding Power Struggles *

Anxious Kids, Anxious Adults

Behavior Lessons Learned *

Dynamic Teaching, Dynamic Learning *

Dealing With Difficult Behaviors

Literature, Language and Life Skills *

Ages and Stages *

A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Behaviors

I Can Do It Myself

Encouraging Independence in our Youngest Learners

Do you already have Dan booked to speak with your group? Great.

Check out this logistical information to consider when getting everything set up for the session.

Curious to know if Dan has presented in your area? Check out the tabbed years below to see his bookings.

Dan St. Romain Educational Consulting, LLC
8771 Stoney Brook Drive
Universal City, TX 78148