Mixed Messages: The Changing Face of Discipline
Toto, you're not in Kansas anymore! It seems like more and more, discipline issues are the main topic of conversation in the school setting. In this interactive session, participants examine the main influences impacting behavior over the last few decades, and discuss implications for best practices as a result. [Applicable all levels]

Positive Behavior Principles
Quick fixes and toolboxes may create short-term behavior change, but the reality is that punishment strategies that were once effective are not yielding the same results in today's school setting. By examining all the information we have learned about the brain, we are in a better position to understand how to best create long-term behavior change in our students. In this session, participants will learn nine principles for positively shaping the behavior of our students. This information has specific implications on both the classroom and school-wide level. [Applicable all levels]

Diverse Strategies for Diverse Learners
Instructional practices strongly impact the behavior in our classroom. In this session, participants will examine the connection between instruction and behavior while learning specific strategies for differentiating in the classroom. When the needs of our students are met through diverse instructional practices, behaviors improve and learning soars. [Applicable all levels]

Step Away: Stress Management in the Face of Power Struggles
Even the most rational teachers and parents get into power struggles from time to time. In this session, participants will gain a better understanding of how power struggles occur, and learn the best strategies for avoiding them.
[Applicable all levels – students, parents, co-workers, administrators, family members]

Make the Connection: Understanding the Brain
Thoughts, feelings and behavior are all linked and it is important for us to understand these connections to be effective in our craft as educators. In this active session, participants will be guided on a fun, purposeful and applicable journey through the brain. Participants will learn the best ways to lock information into long-term memory, engage emotions and help our students manage their own behavior as a means of succeeding in school and beyond. [Applicable all levels]

Do You Need to Move Your Clip?
Educators continually struggle with ways to deal with student behaviors. Clip systems, time out, prize boxes, signed folders, and marble jars are just some of the most common practices evident in the classroom setting. The problem is that these interventions are usually not effective for the students for whom the systems were designed. In this training, participants will examine all the factors that are shaping the behavior of children in today's society and then discuss both prevention and intervention strategies for helping them succeed, both in and out of the school setting. [Applicable PK-5th Grade]

He's Just Going Through a Stage! A Guide to Developmentally Appropriate Practices
In this fast-paced session, participants will examine typical behaviors associated with early childhood in all areas of development. Have fun gaining new insight that will help you work with parents, support academic and social growth, and design appropriate interventions for our youngest learners! [Applicable PK-2nd Grade]

10 Simple Songs / 10 Simple Lessons
In this fast-paced session, participants will discuss the most critical social skills students need to be successful and learn specific developmentally appropriate ways to teach them through songs and simple activities. This information is very appropriate for complementing behavioral RTI efforts at the primary level. Participants receive two resources: 10 Simple Songs for Better Behavior in the Classroom and 10 Simple Lessons for Better Behavior in the Classroom. They are designed as a resource to complement Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) efforts and other existing practices which focus on discipline as a teachable moment. [Applicable PK-2nd Grade]

Count Me In! Games and Activities that Teach Social Skills
Play is a critical component of the early childhood classroom. This session features games, songs and activities that can be used to both teach and reinforce critical social skills needed by our youngest learners. This session is anything but passive! [Applicable PK-1st Grade]

They Snooze, You Lose: Presentations that Work
The way in which meetings and workshops are facilitated can mean the difference between time flying by or virtually standing still. This session is designed for administrators and staff developers wanting to strengthen their skills in working with adult audiences. Participants will look at purposeful, easy strategies that can be used to enhance any meeting or presentation.