Name three things about yourself that you want people to know.
1. I have four boys, one in 10th, 11th, 12th and a sophomore in college. We made it through early childhood without me killing any of them, which is how I became a behavior specialist.
2. My number one goal in staff development is for participants to have fun and enjoy the experience. It is never a teacher's job to "entertain", but if participants do not enjoy the information at a very basic level, the likelihood they will retain my content is zilch. PS – zilch is a real word. Look it up.
3. I love my work…. like, really, really, really love my work.

Pick one of the things above, and elaborate on it for us.
For the most part, half my behavioral work is with students and half is with adults – tons of similarities…just different ages.
*Work with Children – I am a behavior consultant for the Alamo Heights ISD in San Antonio, Texas. I am based out of the Howard Early Childhood Center, where I present lessons to classes every two weeks. (350+ students) Best…work…ever.
*Work with Adults -I spend about 30% of my school year and the majority of my summer presenting nationally. I am a fool for adult staff development. I like working with kids, but I love working with adults. Is that OK to say out loud? People tell me it is probably because adults are easier …OK… Let's go with that.

What do you believe educators love most about what you do?
My energy and passion – I am certain there is medication for my disability… I mean, variability.

What do you believe children love most about what you do?
Children are fascinated to see a male working at the primary level. They go home on the first day of school and tell their parents they met their teacher's boyfriend. My wife loves this.

You are stranded on an island with “early childhood” students. What three items would you want to have with you and why?
1. Food 2. Food 3. Food
I get nasty when I am hungry. If I am not happy, I can't model happy behavior for the kiddos. Who needs anything else? On an island we can actually use our imagination and not be hampered by things like electronics and other very important learning tools. PS – Since I am a model for the kids, please make sure the food is healthy.

A penguin wearing a sombrero walks into the room right now as you are answering this survey. Why is he there and what does he say to you?
He is there to give me a visual reminder for educators. Without saying a word, he conveys two very important points:
1. No matter how old you are, learning should be fun. Joy and wonder is a gift of early childhood. Don't squash it out of learning. Unfortunately, this gift will go away. Appreciate it as long as it lasts.
2. He also reminds me, specifically, that we need balance in our lives. We have limited amounts of time with our children, so rather than completing this survey at home, I should be spending all available free time with them.

Where are the best places on the Web to find out more about you?
Facebook – Dan St. Romain, Educational Consulting
I'd recommend participants "like me", but my boys tell me that sounds desperate.