This week I have been reminded that behaviors are triggered by feelings. Excitement, frustration, stress (both good and bad), euphoria, overload and exhaustion represent some of the emotional states impacting my behaviors this week. Publishing deadlines, school and home responsibilities, paperwork, presentations, and a storefront needing to be updated with new products – My cup (like yours at this time of year) runneth over. Luckily, I’m having two good days this weekend to reset my physical and emotional clock.

I feel fortunate that most of the time I am able to maintain a healthy emotional state. This, of course, helps me survive crazy weeks like this one and quickly get back to my norm. How sad that for many people, a healthy emotional state is not the norm. I think of the many children and adults I know who live in a constant state of emotional flux. Is it any wonder they exhibit the behaviors they do?

I find when I work to create a healthy homeostatic emotional balance in my own life and surround myself with people who do the same, I am in a better place to respond to the inappropriate behavior of others empathetically and be less inclined to react in a judgmental way. (Who do you surround yourself with that keeps you balanced?)

This week I am going to try and look beyond the inappropriate behaviors of the people around me. This doesn’t necessarily mean I will accept their behaviors, but at least I’ll approach them in a calmer, more understanding manner. As always, I invite you to do the same.