Power Washing the Crazy Out

Power washing is quite the cathartic activity. It’s a spring ritual of mine. Of course, sleep had to figure into this equation, as well, since we have been on spring break this past week. But alas, I made time. And so, we have a clean back patio and fountain.

There is something wonderful about having all that control in one trigger finger. Just point and shoot, and “poof”, all the grime is washed away. It’s a shame I can’t power wash all the crazy out of my life that easily. The problem is my hippocampus, an area of the brain that collects memories. My future behaviors are impacted by the memories of past ones. This can work for or against us.

Educators who have had a good year thus far are more likely to head to school each day optimistically, looking for and expecting positive outcomes. However, if it has been a challenging year, we might have more of a cloudy outlook and forecast. Past memories and experiences might cause us to anticipate and inadvertently trigger poor behaviors in our students.

I know I can’t erase bad memories and experiences, but to the best of my ability I want to give my students a clean slate for this last portion of the school year. Just as I worked to clean the grime and residue off the concrete, so too, do I need to rid myself of the negative expectations I’ve built up throughout the year. Power washing is a great activity. I just need to make certain I’m applying this ritual to more areas of my life than just my patio.