Let the Dust Settle

So, after 10 years in this house with pets and young children, the carpets had to go. Of course, after the fact, we love our new floors, but it is amazing the amount of dust and dander that was stirred up in the process. I tried to keep things a bit clean as the floor was being laid, but to no avail. I had to let the dust settle. My problem? I’m impatient – and sometimes, this process can take quite a long time.

There are periods in development when the dust is stirred. Growth spurts, life changes, foods, sleep issues, hormones – they can all reek havoc on the well-being of a child. I’m guessing you, like I, have stared at your kiddo and thought, “Who are you…and what have you done with my child?” On a cognitive level, I understand aspects of development are not always as linear as I’d like, but I’m certain, on an emotional level, I don’t take this into account when trying to understand my child’s behavior.

In about the last month I have watched the joy and wonder return to one of my boys, who, last year at this time, was not in the best of places. Of course, I can’t pinpoint the specific factors impacting the change, but ultimately, I know what happened. The dust settled. Parents, be patient. At times, crazy behaviors will continuously stir. But remain hopeful, knowing that what goes up must eventually come down. Trust me. It’s worth the wait.