So, it was a rough week of not feeling grounded for me. I felt as though I was being pulled in opposite directions all at once. Splinched. That’s what Harry Potter fans would call it, or split in two. Truth be known, it was more like a horcrux, with my soul (or things about which I care deeply) divided into about seven different parts. No fun.

It’s hard to concentrate when balancing multiple tasks. It can be overwhelming, as your brain has to make decisions about what will be prioritized and receive attention. If you try to attend to it all, you end up with little success and exponential frustration. Welcome to the world of the behaviorally challenged. So many behaviors on which to focus, so little time, energy, or ability to divide the attention.

If we are trying to change behaviors (be it ours or our children) we should focus on one thing at a time – and preferably the thing that is the easiest to change. By choosing an easy goal, we increase the likelihood of success, and thus, are encouraged to continue the trend. It’s not easy when many changes are needed, but if we want success, “Just One” needs to be the mantra. Otherwise, we are left feeling behaviorally splinched, which is quite painful for all involved.