Hefty or Wimpy? You Choose.

Hefty! Hefty! Hefty! Wimpy! Wimpy! Wimpy! It’s a 1984 TV commercial reference, but it conjures up a nice visual for the blog. Of course, the tag line refers to the strength of garbage bags. Do they hold in the trash or break open leaving a big ugly mess? What a great question.

As I get older, I realize how important it is to pause and think before speaking. Inhibiting our words can be quite difficult, but I believe our thoughts go through our brains for a reason. Our brain acts as a filter, providing us an opportunity to decide what information should pass through our mouths and what is better left unsaid. My oldest son, Matthieu, seems to have this concept mastered – and has since birth, as evidenced by the fact I can’t think of a time in his life when I have seen him arguing or in a power struggle. Matthieu chooses his words carefully. For his father, this skill is a continual work in progress.

We need to look no further than TV or Facebook to find many examples of wimpy filters, so professionally and personally, strive for hefty. Need a good behavioral lesson? Hold in the trash, lest we all leave a big ugly mess in our wake.