Words Matter

Words matter. What we say not only sends a message to others about our beliefs and values, but also about the type of person we are. Is that helpful or hurtful? Will that pull people up or push them down? Include or exclude? Move people forward or hold them back? There are many ways to say it, but they all mean the same thing: Words have power, so we need to choose them carefully.
Ever play the game Gossip? You whisper a phrase to someone and the phrase gets passed around a circle of people? Of course, the message gets misinterpreted, tweaked, and distorted. Unfortunately, this he saidshe said blame game is played continuously with our youth. They focus on the words of others rather than examining their own behaviors. Of course, my response is always the same: you cant control others, but you do have control over your own words and choices.
This is a timely message, given the state of our country right now. I have friends and family whose belief systems lie across the entire political spectrum, so I make it a point not to post or repost information that is negative. I would never want someone to build me up by tearing someone else down, so I try to apply that same principle when interacting with others. Mamma summed it up nicely, If you dont have something nice to say
My son, Matthieu, is my role model in this area. He once told me, Dad, just because you think it, doesnt mean you should say it. Hes a wise one, my oldest born. Ill keep trying, and hopefully, one day Ill be just as good a model for him when it comes to choosing my words.
PS A related post on the political climate was posted on February 28, 2016. Feel free to check it out. I'll pin it to the top of my news feed for ease of reference.